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Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself!

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Hello, lovelies! It’s so great to be back, feeling like myself, writing, creating, just being ME. I’m sure many of you are like, “How is this a reintroduction when I’ve never heard of this chick a day in my life?” I feel you. This is more of an introduction of myself to myself and you all. For those of you who were acquainted with me before this venture, HEY, Y'ALL!

So, on with this introduction! My name is Shantel and I’m a Cancer. I like long walks on the beach at sunset and baking stuff I probably shouldn’t be eating. I’m a creative all the way around, from art, literature, poetry, business ideas, you name it. I just like using both sides of my brain, apparently. My first legitimized (LOL) business venture is Art Crush. Over there I create visual and wearable art. While I love creating, I don’t do so well with it when I am “forced” to create things. Therefore, custom and commissioned pieces while lucrative, weren’t my strong suit. I am the definition of free spirit and when it comes to my art, I have to be able to do what moves me. So instead of just following one passion, I created a way to fuse everything I love into one endeavor while simultaneously quelling my passions. Hello, Beauty Pop!

Beauty Pop is a buffet of all the things I love under one dope ass roof. From art, women’s wellness, beauty, open and honest conversations that are so necessary, natural remedies, to creating opportunities for Black women to shine, Beauty Pop is here to give you a little something extra each and every day. As a Black woman who loves the sheer awesomeness of us, I wanted to create something that my younger self could’ve benefitted from (if my younger self would’ve had or been interested in social media). My older self still desires this outlet. While there may be plenty of places I can go in these internet streets, I think I can add a fresh perspective and I know others who would love to do the same. Hopefully one day, we will be a huge community of women helping women, but until then, you have little ole me being my quirky, unpredictable self. I’m here to create, answer questions about my journeys (I’ve been on plenty), and give support however and whenever I can.

I hope you all enjoy your time here! Please don’t hesitate to reach out on social media! You can find me on Facebook (, Instagram (@beautypopva), and Twitter (@beautypopva). See?! I made it easy for you! I love you all and wish you the dopest day imaginable!

Note: There will always be candid pics of me dancing on the internet (especially if Cash Money Records takes over for the 99 ...and the 2000). A screenshot is worth a thousand words. 

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  • Mrs. Walz, you will have an awesome business and I know that you will do great. This is your time to shine and reach to many people as you can with your merchandise, Mrs. Walz. You will be great at what you do, Mrs. Walz!

    Joshua Caudell on

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