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Another Day by Regina Long Southall

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Relax and enjoy another day.
Don’t let time get in the way.
Things change so very fast, 
You’ll never know what moment will be your last. 
Sit back and reflect upon a moment of peace.
Before you know it, that moment will cease. 
While you have a chance, think about how good life has been. 
Battles occur along the way.
Just think of those you did win. 
I have been successful through struggles, my friend. 
Enduring makes a stronger person of us, moving on without a fuss. 
As circumstances arise and life continues.......pray. 
Relax and enjoy another day. 

Pictured above is Retired Educator/Author: Regina Long Southall
Copyright, Xlibris Publications October, 2006

NOTE: Y'ALL!! Having this woman reach out to me wanting to be part of this project was BEYOND!! "Why?" you ask.  Because in 1987, she was my second grade teacher! Let that sink in... So yes, I was a little giddy when she inquired and even more giddy when she actually sent her poem to me. Like is this even real life? LOL! I hope you enjoyed her poetry and her work can be found here (clicky clicky the little linky). Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!

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