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Lightbulbs and Isht

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What up, beauties?  It's been a while since you've heard from me...well, not that long, but you know what I mean.  Yesterday I had an epiphany of sorts.  I had a major meeting for my business so I was a ball of nerves.  It's amazing how situations can change your perspective and ideas.  During this meeting, I got critical feedback that I embraced with open arms, because that's just how I am.  I love learning new things, especially how I can improve. Well during this meeting, I had to pitch Beauty Pop (this is my second time pitching my business in A WEEK). I'm not a pro at this by any means and I loathe having to speak in front of people, especially about things that I don't know are facts, because who knows how this business thing will go when I'm actually in a store?  The meeting went well (from what I gathered) and I was sent on my way with a ginormous smile on my face.  I thought about some of the points mentioned in the pitch while I was preparing to watch American Horror Story: Coven for the first time and a light bulb came on in my brain...why not have features on THIS blog from various women writers (various women on the show with different powers, etc, helping each other or whatever...that's the correlation; that's how my brain works LOL)! Women of color often feel ostracized when telling our stories.  We encounter being shamed for sharing our truths because some things are just NOT up for discussion in our communities.  Black women, how many of you could openly talk to your elders about sex or your anatomy, even if it was to ask a serious question, without feeling judged?  How many of us could complain about the perils of motherhood or marriage without being told to suck it up because that's just the way things are?  How many of us really feel comfortable enough to discuss our experiences with love, mental illness, sexuality, infidelity, being inspired, our goals, etc. without having second thoughts AFTER we share?  How liberating would it be to finally be okay with being stripped bare and sharing our stories, our way, in our language and vernacular? 

Exactly!!  It would be so damn dope!  So guess what...I'm going to facilitate just that, right here, on this blog.  Beauty Pop is about sisterhood, love, and most importantly SELF-CARE.  Sometimes self-care is lifting yourself from the shadows and drawing others to your light.  I swear there's so much joy in allowing yourself to feel what you feel and just BEing. 

So! Weekly I will be posting submissions that are emailed to me at:  Your name will always be credited to your work, unless you communicate that you wish to remain anonymous.  All submissions are on a voluntary basis and there will be no monetary compensation ( day I would LOVE to be able to pay my contributors).  I will NOT police anything that is entrusted to me, meaning you can send whatever the hell you want to share without a smidge of judgment.  Even if I don't agree, I will share; that's the lovely thing about opinions.  Just because I don't agree doesn't mean your thoughts aren't valid.  I'm willing to accept all kinds of poetry, prose, think pieces, short stories, what *clap* ever *clap, clap*!  I will be posting the first submission before today's end and remember, the only thoughts that are my own, as far as the blog is concerned, are the ones with my name on them!  You are about to have a lot of musings from a lot of grown ass women and I'm ready for you all to witness their greatness. Love and light to each of you!  Kisses.  

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