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Ode to the Regene Doll Collection by DaKiara

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I've been criticized because of the hue of my eyes
Saying they can't possibly be mine
All because of the color and tone of my skin
Simply because its not of the lighter or whiter complexion
My hair must be a sew in or a weave of sorts 
All because of tainted pictures of my people
drawn or painted by those who hate us and the beauty of our black skin
Some call us blue black
But for me it isn't a disgrace 
Simply makes it easier for my 
heritage to be traced
The aboriginal people is from whence I've come
Study your history, this too you shall learn 
My black is beautiful
If the truth is to be told


Other works from this author can be found here <--go on and click it. You know you wanna. DaKiara has self published numerous titles that can be found on Amazon with a simple search of her name! Stay tuned for more talented writers with stories to tell.

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