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Surprise by Velvet (Poetically Ambitious)

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You enter into the home 
With my presence greeting you at the door 
Only wearing your favorite perfume
Licking your lips 
You gaze at me analyzing my body
Biting my bottom lip
I can only imagine your thoughts
"Today we are doing things differently," I state. "Dessert before dinner."
With a blindfold I cover your eyes
Walking you to your kingdom
A surprise awaits
A melanin beauty laying bare
I unclothe you
Removing the blindfold, you stare in disbelief
I lay you down
She starts to play with herself, getting ready for the night
Preparing you for the hours of pleasure to follow
Your Queen consumes your mountain of chocolate
Oh how I love me some chocolate!
The elixir is effortlessly filling the air
Melanin staring at us and begins to lick her lips
I tell her to finish you, while I make my way to your lips
Telling you to stick out your tongue
I press my pussy against it
You begin to search for the diamonds inside my treasure
Uncontrollable moans are released from you and I
Your member at attention, 10 inches strong You tell her to get on top, she obliges
She begins to suck on my nipple
Noises feeling the air
We are simultaneously riding each part of you I grip her hips, making you go deeper inside of her
Her voice becomes scratched 
Eyelids shutter
Rubbing her nipples with my fingers
She lets out a shout 
Cream is released from her oasis
She climbs off of you
Leaving your cum all for me
I begin to suck on you while you eat my pussy and she licks my ass
Damn, I can't control any of these sensations
I'm going to explode in a moment
I cry out " I'm about to"
Feet curled and the liquid within me was released into your mouth
I lay down and my King enters me
Melanin is on her knees beside me
You place your two fingers inside of her moistness
She begins to rub on my clit and her own
I pull her hair to bring her close to me
We begin to kiss
I play with my nipples
Hearing you groan sends a chill through my body
I start to play with her pussy as her hand grabs my titties
Her other hand starts to rub on your balls
I can feel you pulsating inside of me
You are trying to control yourself but I begin to move in unison with you
Your breath begins to catch
Melanin and I move to face you
We begin to play with your balls
I lick your hardened staff as she sucks on your crown
Your hands have a strong grip on our hair
Pushing her deeper on to you and me to lather your balls
A grunt is released from you
We move back to await the finale
With our tongue sticking out
You exhaust all of your cream
No drop is wasted
...whew, chile... Velvet is a poet who hails from Virginia Beach, VA. Some of her previous work can be found on Tumblr and I have a feeling this won't be the last you "read of her" on this blog. Happy Hump Day, no camels!! 
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  • Giiiiiiiiiiiirla… Loved every word.

    Tamecasays on

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