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The Neighbors We Should Be by Regina Long Southall

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The Neighbors We Should Be

It was a quiet Thursday morning in September, 
When Hurricane Isabel came rushing by.
Her wind was strong and gusty, as trees began to fly. 
So many were without power, and food began to spoil. 
We asked ourselves how we managed without even a kerosene lamp of oil. 
Some even lost everything that was so dear. 
But God was in control and there was no need to fear. 
Many lives have been changed, and there is a reason to pause, to stop and think how important we are to each other one and all. 
We had to come together and help out where we could. 
Sometimes it takes a period of crisis for man to realize the importance of brotherhood. 
God destroyed material things and helped us to see,
A pot of coffee, an extension cord, and the removal of a tree, made us the neighbors  we should be. 


Regina Long Southall is a retired elementary school teacher. Her published works can be purchased on Amazon. She has other work posted in this blog. As always, thank you for reading the creative works of these wonderful women who tell their stories!! 

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