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Uncomfortable In My Skin by Rajeanee Cheeks

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Uncomfortable In My Skin

By: Rajeanee Cheeks

People burn their skin two times darker to come close to mine

But could they walk in my shoes?

My dark skin is portrayed as something sweet, exotic, and extravagant

But do they know what lies underneath this beautiful dark skin?

Look there at that scar to the left, from kids of your own race bullying you because you are darker than them and different.

OUCH! I still feel that bruise from when they called me “Blackie” and “Ugly”

I hate this skin I’m in!

I am so uncomfortable in my own skin!


Rajeanee Cheeks is a writer from Norfolk, Virginia. Her debut novel "Love Without Color" tackles colorism and racial tension. The book will be released in Fall, 2018. 

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  • Wonderful poem, speaks volumes.

    Rashidan Cheeks on

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